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When a bank rejects a company’s loan request due to the lack of operating history or current financial statement shortcomings, the bank risks alienating the company indefinitely. A partnership with Aegis allows banks to build lasting a customer relationship by providing a credit solution when businesses need capital the most.

Intermediaries (Brokers and Investment Bankers)

For many reasons, banks can be forced to exit credit relationships or tighten credit approval. Brokers and investment bankers are typically the first to see this, and are also the first to get calls from CFOs and business owners when these bank decisions have a negative effect on their business growth. The client is looking to its trusted advisors to find a solution. Aegis Business Credit is that solution.

Professional Advisors (CPAs, Attorneys and Financial Advisors)

Professional advisors are key to companies who are struggling or in early stages of maturation or growth. Our goal is always to provide our services as a referral from professional advisors. At Aegis, we keep our professional advisors well informed as active partners in the rehabilitation and development of the company.